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SBW v NRL – Ring the Bell


Straight off the top, this ain’t another Sonny Bill Williams hate yarn.  Admittedly I am an avid/tragic bleed blue & white #ProudtobeaBulldog fan!  – OK, OK I am kidding I don’t literally bleed blue & white!  Yo, but listen, I am well past the 2008 ‘thief in the night’ walk out/abandonment of my beloved club…….(Take a deep breath/Think happy thoughts/2004 GF Win) Ahhhh….NOW where was I?

This here is my humble opinion slant on SBW’s reintegration to the greatest game of all in the toughest competition of all, which is the NRL. I will attempt to make informed, non biased comments about Sonny Bill’s imminent return to the game that made him – honest/promise, scouts honour,my word is my bond or SBW favourite “hand shake deal bro” – Don’t believe me? Pfft – sweet as……goodbye, everyone else read on or dont…….whatever…….imma still unload like “Blade Runner” going all Rambo on his….Too soon? Hmmmm …..Moving on…….

The mic is yours announcer

“Ladies & Gents, this fight is scheduled for 26 Rounds!….Making his way in from the Blue, Red and White corner after a 4 year hiatus which includes eating croissants in France, winning a Super 15 title and Rugby World Cup ring in New Zealand as well a Heavyweight Boxing Title”……LOL……sorry  but I did “Laugh out Loud” typing the words “Heavyweight Boxing Title” I mean, cmon man even Stevie W could see the mis-match in those fights! 

Ahem, Carry on “Announcer”

“His opponent, fighting out of the Green corner with an impeccable record which includes no losses and a fighting career which began in 1908, please welcome the undisputed champion N……..R………..L!

Here is what I am saying, the NRL is brutal, it does not care for reputations, SBW is coming off playing a record number of consecutive games by his standards in Rugby Union, yes Rugby Yawnion! – Therein lies the problem, I don’t recall him stringing together more than 10 games in the NRL – Can his chiselled body handle the battering he is about to subject himself to? The week to week grind? triple workload both with ball and on the D line?  As mentioned above  “this bout” is scheduled for 26 rounds not 12 or controversially more recently (see fought an over the hill guy named F Botha file) 10 rounds!

Let me just say this…. SBW is a clutch/go to/franchise player, THAT I get, that I respect, there is no denying he possesses sublime skills and has the work ethic to go with – hand on heart I have not seen anyone in Rugby or League off load the ball like he does, you can’t defend that, seriously…freakish, the man can bang with the best on defence too – best exponent of the shoulder charge which unfortunately is now redundant which makes this particular point slightly irrelevant,”slightly” because I predict at least one time this season he will instinctively pull one out – think Joel Clinton in 04′ IF the Roosters reproduce 2010 and go deep in to the playoffs then I guarantee his finger prints will be all over it.

That’s a big IF – Why? because I can’t see the Roosters combining from the word go under a rookie coach with a new squad including Michael Jennings -The boy’s got game but he was ousted from the Panthers for a reason right? Attiude mhmm – The danger is if SBW and Jennings strike up an on field combination, damaging……Think MJ & Pippen, Batman & Robin or Sonny & Cher (last analogy not deliberate I promise).


So can he make a triumphant return? Can he really take 4 years off from the toughest footy arena, return and run amok? Will we see Rugby Leagues version of ‘Ali like return to the ring”?

Look, if SBW gets his game going early and stays healthy then he is too good a player to not ball consistently however recent history is littered with great players returning either from Rugby Union or UK Super League and failing to recapture their best so on that note here’s one last acronym for ya TKO to the NRL!

What do you think? …. Let me know!

March 7th 2013, Roosters v Rabbitohs……RING THE BELL!


One comment on “SBW v NRL – Ring the Bell

  1. hahaha TKO to SBW VLS

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